Dying man holds on until the perfect owner is found for his senior rescue dog PawPaw

When John Weston was given the devastating news that he only had 6 months to live, his neighbor made a suggestion that changed the course of his life.

John Weston had  ALS, a degenerative neurological system illness that destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, and was nearing the end of his life.

Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, that he obtain a dog, and he was introduced to PawPaw, a wolfhound mix.

Not only did PawPaw offer John with the perfect companion, but he also lived for another three and a half years, which many feel was due in major part to PawPaw.


The two were inseparable. The rescue wrote: “PawPaw is always next to John and he sleeps on his dog bed right next to John’s bed. We all agree that PawPaw has extended John’s life and improved his quality of life too!”

Because John was already in a wheelchair, he was worried about what would happen to PawPaw after he died, so Sherri, a neighbor, agreed to find him a new home.

When the time came, John contacted Sherri to inform her that he intended to locate PawPaw a new home in the spring of 2019.

John wanted to meet possible adopters to make sure they were a good match for his four-legged pal, so the rescue agreed that PawPaw would stay with John at his San Francisco home until he died away.

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In a beautiful video put together by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, to help find the best home for PawPaw, John said: “I’m looking for a home that will love him as much as I did…and do. And he’ll love back, because that’s just his nature.”

Bernie Knobbe and Tim Belavich of Los Angeles had heard about PawPaw and wanted to see him. They had already rescued three seniors from Muttville. ‘It was obviously meant to be’!

PawPaw had met a lot of potential adopters before, but something was different when PawPaw met Bernie. The two seemed to click right away, and John knew this was the one for PawPaw.

John observed the two playing and called Bernie over to his bed and removed his oxygen tube to speak. “John put his hand on my arm and he just said, ‘You’re a good guy. This is good,’” Bernie told TODAY. “It was emotional. Everybody was crying in the room. It was obviously meant to be.”

John died three days after telling Sherri that Bernie was the perfect fit. Sherri feels he was holding on until he could find his beloved puppy a forever home.

“I think he met the right person and he could finally let go,” she said. “John left this world happier.”

The rescue concluded the video by saying: “John, we will miss you. So will Pawpaw. But one thing you can be sure of. Pawpaw is loved.”

The 16-year-old schnauzer currently lives with two other rescue schnauzers in Los Angeles and enjoys playing with toys and roaming around his yard.

His new family said: “We hope John is watching over PawPaw and us and is happy with how we are caring for him and how he has settled in here in LA since we adopted him in April, 2019.”

Source:Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.